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Advantages of Registered Apprenticeship?

  • Youth Apprenticeship is an educational program that provides a qualified student the opportunity to begin learning an occupation using a system that combines on-the-job learning and related academic and technical classroom education.
  • Traditional apprenticeship careers are construction, electricians, glaziers, welding. Non-traditional apprenticeship professions are careers such as hospitality, health care, IT, and green energy jobs. Additional information regarding traditional and non-traditional apprenticeship employment opportunities can be found via the DOL Apprenticeship Portal by: Apprenticeship.gov.
  • For additional information about the District Apprenticeship program, visit our website:District Apprenticeship program
  • Interested students in the Youth Apprenticeship Program may apply by contacting the Department of Employment Services, Youth Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, Michael Taylor 202.812.4565, or email at [email protected]" and [email protected]. Interested youth can also register via the District Apprenticeship Portal at:   apprenticeship.does.dc.gov
  • Individuals that participate in the youth apprenticeship program will receive industry credentials/certifications and earn a wage in your selected area of interest. Youth apprentices typically gain a head start on applying for jobs after high school, due to the valuable career skills and professional network that you will develop.

Interested applicants will apply for entry into the Youth Apprenticeship Program either virtual or paper application. Below is a detailed version of the program logistics:

    1. First, interested students will apply for entry into Youth Apprenticeship Program through virtual/ paper application followed by
    2. Schedule interviews from school administrators and program sponsor.
    3. Next, selected program participants will begin core skill training course.
    4. Following core skill training, program participants will transition to career development and volunteerism.
  • The average amount of time for completion for the Youth Apprenticeship Program is between 6-24 months depending on the program participant selected industry.
  • Some sponsors may provide the youth apprentices with wages and/or stipends. This information will be provided at the application period and will be determined by each individual sponsor/opportunity.

Youth Apprenticeship program participants must adhere to the following:

  1. Comply with guidelines established by the school and the employer for the Youth Apprenticeship program. DC youth apprentice must complete a minimum of 200 hours.
  2. Commit to a long-term occupational and educational program.  
  3. Maintain Apprenticeship Training Records as designated by sponsor.
  4. Complete and pass required course and certifications standards.
  5. Maintain satisfactory performance in work-based and school-based environments
  • Students that are homeschooled may apply for the Department of Employment Services Youth Apprenticeship Program if they are under District of Columbia Public School or DC Charter School academic standards.
  • Youth Apprenticeships are designed with the intention of gaining successful, long-term employment. Youth Apprentices are not guaranteed a job or placement with a registered apprenticeship however, youth who successfully complete the youth apprenticeship are highly likely to gain successful, long term employment.
  • Program participants school schedule may be adjusted to accommodate desired apprenticeship course. Your high school counselor or coordinator will work with you to ensure you meet all your academic goals and that you are on track to graduate with your high school diploma and complete your youth apprenticeship program if selected.
  • This will depend on the program participant’s schedule. Becoming a youth apprentice requires a serious commitment of time, effort, and energy! The program is designed for motivated students interested in gaining valuable work experience, specific on-the-job training, and relevant in-classroom instruction!  Program participants are required to work a predetermined number of hours (On the job training) with their selected employer during the academic year and possibility full-time during the summer (if indicated by their employer). In addition to regular high school classes, youth apprentices will take a specific course related to their apprenticeship desire. The demands of the program are significant, but so are the rewards!
  • Registered Apprenticeship is a highly flexible training system that combines on-the-job learning and related classroom instruction, in which employees receive technical and practical training in numerous occupations in various industries. It offers a proven methodology that allows employers to establish the standards of proficiency required of its professionals. Almost 80% of jobs now require some postsecondary education and training. Over 62% of the new jobs require on-the-job learning and experience. That approach, coupled with occupation-specific instruction, represents the defining principles of Registered Apprenticeship. An apprenticeship sponsor’s investment in building a strong workforce delivers a powerful economic boast to the company, the community and to our nation.
  • At this time, all apprenticeships listed on the District’s mandatory apprenticeship law, DC Law 2-156 are required to registered with the District of Columbia Apprenticeship Council (DCAC) and must be paid opportunities. Apprentices must receive an increase in pay as their skills and knowledge increase - progressive wage increases throughout the apprenticeship as skill benchmarks are met by apprentices. Pre-apprenticeship opportunities are offered around the District and it can help prepare participants enrolled in these training initiatives to transited for a full-time Registered Apprenticeship. Typically, a pre-apprenticeship is not paid. If you are interested in the pre apprenticeship program, please contact Mr. Randall Shannon, Workforce Development Specialist at [email protected] Mr. Randall Shannon or (202) 509-7412.
  • Every Registered Apprenticeship graduate receives a nationally recognized credential for mastering required skills and demonstrating required knowledge to be fully proficient in the specific Registered Apprenticeship occupation. Education providers or postsecondary institution partners can award college credit and industry–recognized certifications for Registered Apprenticeship program experience.
  • Yes. Employers can either contact you by phone or email if you entered this information in your profile. They can also contact you through our internal messaging system. Make a point to check your email often, including your junk and spam folders.
  • On the home page, click on the “Apprentices” section and the "Login/Register" window will be displayed in the right side of your screen. Select the "Register" tab, and then enter your first name, last name, email address, password and confirm password in the spaces provided underneath each requirement fields. Finally, click on the “Create User” button to create your free District Apprentices Connect Account. Then select the "Login" tab and enter your email address and password in the space provided underneath the required fields and click on the “Login” button and you will then access all apprentices related resources.

  • Information submitted to District’s Apprentice Connect will be used for the purpose of connecting organizations and apprentices with high-quality apprenticeship experiences.
  • All District of Columbia Apprentice Connect services are free for everyone. You can search and apply to an unlimited number of apprenticeships at no cost.
  • On the home page, click on the “Apprentices” and the "Login/Register" window will be displayed in the right side of your screen. Underneath the "LOG IN" button, click on the "Forgot Password?" button and then enter your email address in the space provided next to “Please Enter Your Registered Email Address.” Finally, click on the “Submit” button to send the request for a password reset. You will receive a system generated email with a link that allows you to change your password.

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